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Amalgamation politics

A merger or amalgamation in a political or administrative sense is the combination of two or more political or administrative entities such as municipalities (in other words cities, towns, etc.), counties, districts, etc. into a single entity. This term is used when the process occurs within a sovereign entity. In United States politics, such an entity may be called a consolidated city–county. Unbalanced growth or outward expansion of one neighbor may necessitate an administrative decision to merge (see urban sprawl). In some cases, common perception of continuity may be a factor in prompting such a process (see conurbation). Some cities (see below) that have gone though amalgamation or a similar process had several administrative sub-divisions or jurisdictions, each with a separate person in charge.

Amalgamated organization name

In the business world, amalgamated refers to an organization that has undergone amalgamation. Amalgamated organizations may use "amalgamated" in their name to signify that it is the amalgamation of its component companies or trade unions.

Amalgamated Advertising

Amalgamated is an independent advertising agency based in New York City. Founded in 2003 by Douglas Cameron, Jason Gaboriau and Charles Rosen, Amalgamated is a full-service ad agency and brand consultancy. Eric Silver, former Executive Creative Director of BBDO, joined Amalgamated in September 2010 as Chief Creative Officer and majority partner. Silver and Amalgamated's founding partners worked together for several years while at Cliff Freeman and Partners. Brian Martin, former owner of Source Martin search consultancy, joined Amalgamated in September 2011 as Chief Executive Officer. The agency's current clients include Ben & Jerry's, Qdoba, The Coca-Cola Company, MSG Networks, The Patron Spirits Company and CarMax.

Amalgamated Broadcasting System

The Amalgamated Broadcasting System (ABS) was a radio network established on September 25, 1933 by the American comedian Ed Wynn and Hungarian-born violinist Ota Gygi. Wynn, the "Fire Chief" of the original Fire Chief Program program on NBC and CBS, had been concerned with his own perilous-seeming future as an entertainer and the power the already-established networks had over the programming policies of their local affiliate stations. He hoped that ABS would serve as an alternative as well as helping him establish a more secure future for himself and his family, according to radio historian Elizabeth McLeod.